Pokémon: Let's Go! Pikachu Features

FeatureThe haunted origins of Pokémon

Gastly tales of the onixpected.

At the time of writing, over 800 Pokémon exist, their influences ranging from shrubs to supernatural entities stretching back eons into Japanese lore. Many are based specifically on Yōkai, strange and grimly comic creatures native to Japan that, like Pokémon, have been recorded in illustrated encyclopedias and playing cards.

FeatureThe best email I've ever had

"We are getting the strong push technique as I write this."

You probably already knew this - and if you didn't, please don't make me regret telling you about it - but Eurogamer has a 'Contact' email. It's about as exciting as it sounds. You can find it on our 'Contact Us' page, obviously, and anyone can use it to send us general tips or enquiries or questions - any of that sort of generic stuff that doesn't really fit into the usual communication we'd get at a site like Eurogamer every day.

If only Kanto Airways had a loyalty scheme. I've been to Pokémon's founding region so many times, now. Red, Blue, and Yellow; back again, by wonderful surprise, in Gold, Silver, and Crystal; once more in the FireRed and LeafGreen remakes and of course all across the land in the TV series, if that counts. And then that's not to mention the perpetually-active Kanto events of Pokémon Go, if I ever missed it for just a second.

FeatureInside Pokémon's house of cards

Behind the doors of Creatures Inc.

There's a part of me that wants to say the inside of Creatures Inc., the Tokyo company where Pokémon cards are made, is exactly what you'd expect. That it is everything you've imagined. A Wonkalike dream factory of wonder and weirdness, hidden in plain sight.

After spending some time with Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu and Eevee, I now understand why The Pokémon Company was at pains to break tradition and mention its plans for a separate, full RPG game in 2019. If it wasn't clear from the brief snippets of footage shown in Pikachu and Eevee's reveal trailer, a few minutes of hands-on gameplay confirms these Pokémon games are very different from the ones you are used to - even more than I was expecting.

For a long time, Pokémon has been playing it safe. In two decades the main series really hasn't changed that much, instead retreating into a kind of calculable routine. New, main series Pokémon RPGs come out every couple of years: each time there's two of them, each time there's probably an enhanced version - either a third, or another pair - and each time Game Freak will add roughly one thing new and take roughly one other thing away, which was probably the new thing they'd just added last time.

FeaturePokémon boss Junichi Masuda on keeping hardcore players happy, borrowing from Pokémon Go, and Let's Go's story

"I'm always concerned that we take Pokémon too far, that it's no longer approachable."

Pick out a feature from most Pokémon games and, chances are, Junichi Masuda probably had something to do with it. The long-time director, producer, designer and composer has done everything from designing the intricacies of breeding shiny Pokémon in the main series, to writing the music for Pokémon Go.