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Pokémon Go Celebi quest - release date and everything we know about Mythical Pokémon Celebi

Pokémon Go Celebi quest - release date and everything we know about Mythical Pokémon Celebi

Celebi has arrived in Pokémon Go for a select group - for now.

Pokémon Go's Celebi is the game's second Mythical Pokémon, and was first made available in a different way to any other creature we've seen so far.

Much like Mew before it, it'll be available as part of a Special Research quest, where players must complete a series of objectives as part of a story-based questline.

However, there's another key difference - the quest has debuted first for those attending this year's Go Fest in Chicago.

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Pokémon Go region exclusives - how to catch Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, Farfetch'd, Heracross, Corsola, Relicanth, Zangoose, Seviper, Solrock, Lunatone, Volbeat, Illumise, Torkoal and Tropius

Pokémon Go region exclusives tie a handful of the first three Generations to specific locations around the globe.

Gen 1's Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime and Farfetch'd, Gen 2's Heracross and Corsola, and Gen 3's Zangoose, Seviper, Lunatone, Solrock, Illumise, Volbeat, Torkoal, Tropius and Relicanth are creatures in question, which are all region-locked to specific locations, making them among the rarest in Pokémon Go.

Over a year after release and, by and large, the creatures have remained locked to their specific regions, except in a handful of special events or region swaps.

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Pokémon Go Stardust and Star Pieces explained - How to get Stardust sources to strengthen your Pokémon

The best ways to gather Stardust, from Eggs to Gyms, and what Star Pieces do.

Stardust is an oft-neglected resource in Pokémon Go, what with all that delicious, definitely-not-made-from-Pokémon Candy to busy yourself with - we've lined up some tips for how to get Candy, if you're looking for more on that - but it actually plays an extremely central role, and the decisions you make on how you use it will likely be the difference between an average player and the very best.

Pokémon Go tips, tricks and cheats guide to help you catch 'em all

What you didn't know about catching Pokémon out in the real world, including details of December 2017's Gen 3 update.

Pokémon Go, the location-based free-to-play game that has taken the iOS and Android app stores by storm, allows players to use the original 151 Pokémon in real-world locations, as Google Maps data turns parks, shops and churches into places where you can capture, train and battle creatures.

Pokémon Go Moves - Fast TMs, Charge TMs, and the highest DPS, best Fast Attacks and Charge Moves listed

How to find out the best, most powerful Gen 1, 2, and 3 moveset for your Pokémon.

Pokémon moves have been an integral part of the franchise since its inception, from the damage counters of the Trading Card Game through to the bombastic Z-Moves of Pokémon Sun and Moon. Pokémon Go moves, of course, continue the trend, and whilst battling is still basic compared to the main games, much of the playerbase are now at the point where there's an interest in maximising CP for the strongest team, along with catching the best Pokémon in Pokémon Go and, of course, figuring out their strongest moves.

Pokémon Go Castform forms explained

How to make use of the weather to help you catch each type of Castform form in Pokémon Go.

Collecting all Pokémon Go Castform forms is another goal to aim for when you've eventually completed your Gen 3 Pokédex.

Pokémon Go Type chart, Type effectiveness and weakness explained

Calculate the damage for any matchup with our Type Chart.

Pokémon Go, just like any other Pokémon game, revolves around a system of Pokémon Types, where one Type is either strong or weak - super effective or not very effective - against another, dealing additional or reduced damage as a result.

Pokémon Go Coins - How to get PokéCoins in the latest update

Pokémon Go Coins - How to get PokéCoins in the latest update

Gyms have changed the way you get the game's premium currency for free.

Pokémon Go Coins is the game's premium currency to buy new items in the game - some you can get from regular play, and others such as permanent upgrades which exclusively from the shop.

There are two ways to get PokéCoins. One is through paying real-world money (the means of which the game is monitised) and the other is by interacting with Gyms.

With the substantial summer 2017 Gym rework, the way you earn and received Coins has changed - for the better and worse.

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Pokémon Go Gym rework - Motivation, Gym Battles, Defender Bonus and how Gyms work in the new Gym update

Pokémon Go Gym rework - Motivation, Gym Battles, Defender Bonus and how Gyms work in the new Gym update

New update! Plus: how to win the current Gym Battles and earn their spoils.

Pokémon Go Gyms are towering, spinning monuments found out in the wild, which can be captured from other Teams with gym battles, and defended by adding your own Pokémon to their roster. You'll need to join a Team to take part - you can join a team once your Trainer level hits 5 - and when you next interact with a Gym, Professor Willow invites you to join one of the game's three teams - Team Instinct, Team Mystic, or Team Valor.

The differences between the teams are purely cosmetic, but it's worth siding with the same team as a friend, allowing you to tackle Gyms easier. Once you have joined a team, you can help defend or challenge Gyms at your leisure.

Things have changed since Gyms first launched though; gone is the Prestige system and the 10 Pokémon limit, and in comes a new system focused on Motivation, some new items, and even some Gym Medals, too.

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Pokémon Go - How to evolve using Special Items, their drop rates, and when to evolve or Power Up your Pokémon

New items, Evolution and Power Up mechanics explained with a flowchart.

Once you've started collecting enough Pokémon, you'll want to turn your attention to evolving and Powering Up to discover new creatures and make them strong enough to defend and capture Gyms. It's a surprisingly complicated decision to make, now that we know more about how complex Pokémon Go can be, so we'll start at the beginning by explaining how the evolution process works and what you should be paying attention to, before talking about when you should evolve and when you should Power Up those Pokémon.

The Pokémon Go Equinox event takes place at the end of September, and is set to introduce new, special Eggs containing rare Pokémon, new Super Incubators for hatching Eggs faster, and bonuses to Stardust and XP from certain activities, too.

Pokémon Go CP meaning explained: How to get the highest CP values and create the most powerful team

We delve into the new Appraisal feature, as well as telling you how what CP, HP, IVs are and how they work.

Much like the main Pokémon games, alongside the standard combat modifiers like Type advantages and weaknesses, it turns out Pokémon Go has a whole secret layer of stats for every creature in the game, with hidden values for a Pokémon's Attack, Defence, and Stamina that's linked to their CP. And like the main Pokémon games, it's possible to expose these values and maximise them to make your Pokémon as strong as possible.

Pokémon Go Thanksgiving event update - When it ends, using a Lucky Egg and everything else you need to know

It looks like Niantic is planning regular seasonal events, with a Pokémon Go Thanksgiving event following on from a Halloween-themed event in October.

In short, the event doubles the amount of Stardust and XP you'll receive for the duration, and as an extra treat, has ushered in the arrival of one of the game's more elusive Pokémon - Ditto - into the wild.

If you're smart, you can make a lot of gains with your Trainer level and growing your team over the next week.

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Pokémon Go username: How to change username, change Trainer appearance

How you can swap the look and nickname of your Trainer.

While Pokémon Go is at its core a very sociable game, it lacks the usual connected features - such as friends lists or leaderboards - you come to expect from a mobile game. There is, however, one way to show your Trainer to others, as depositing your Pokémon at a Gym displays nickname and Trainer's appearance for everyone nearby to see.

Pokémon Go server status - check Pokémon Go servers are down in UK, US, Europe and more

Pokémon Go isn't the most reliable game right now, so here's now to navigate its various errors.

Thanks to its immense popularity and the app still rolling out in new regions worldwide, Pokémon Go has had its share of server issues and server stability. Waves of new users can take its toll on the online-only game, seeing occasional bouts of server downtime and instability that presents users with error messages and crashes.