Pokemon Diamond

Key events

Fans transform Pokémon Red into an MMO

PokeMMO project does what Nintendon't.

Japan still loves Pokémon films

Pet-fighting animations make millions.

DS and Wii outstrip US competition

But Microsoft claims income victory.

DS dominates Europe

Pokémon trouncing opposition.

Pokémon DS launch in London

Like being a kid "again".

Pokémon jewels in July

Diamonds and Pearls for you.

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

'Super Effective' as always.

Pokemon Pearl/Diamond dated

US in April, Europe in summer.

FeaturePokémon Diamond/Pearl

Game Freak's pocket monster evolves.

New Pokémon DS details

Diamond and Pearl unveiled.

Pokémon DS dates, details

Plus news on Pokémon Ranger.