Pokemon Black 2 Reviews

Pokémon Black and White 2 review

Pokémon Black and White 2 review

By Dillon (age 10) and James (age 6). And their dads.

It's always a challenge reviewing the latest Pokémon game. Unlike the rapid genetic improvements enjoyed by the colourful creature sprites contained within, the series itself has evolved at a more Darwinian pace. Improvements are incremental, new features tentatively introduced every generation but rarely mutating too far from the dependable DNA structure that has allowed the games to survive - and thrive - for over 15 years.

The result is that reviewing the latest addition to the family tree can easily become a box-ticking exercise. Everyone who has ever played a Pokémon game - whether in 1996 or 2012 - knows exactly how the game will play. There's a very real danger that what you'll end up with is little more than a Wikipedia summary with a score at the end.

So for Pokémon Black and White 2, the first direct sequel in the series' long history, we're doing something different. We're opening up the review process to some real Pokémon experts: my son Dillon, 10, and Chris Schilling's son James, 6. Both of them live and breathe Pokémon, both have completed the original Black and White games multiple times and both have been pestering for the European release of the sequels since they were announced back in February.

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