Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends

Is this the first true iPhone MMO?

My hands hurt. They hurt in a way they haven't for years, not since my long days in Azeroth circa 2006-2008. Oh Lord, it's happened again. I have Warcraft Claw. This time, though, it's my phone's fault. I never knew my index finger could kill so many skeletons.

Is it really possible to play an MMO on an iPhone? Pocket Legends says yes - as long as you're happy to redefine what you mean by "MMO". It's a cheery little online-only dungeon-crawler, best played in groups, with levelling and looting and trading and endless tap-tap-tapping (hence the Claw).

It's not a large open world filled with thousands of players going about their business, however. Instead, its hub is a server browser, a list of instanced missions which you can jump into in pursuit of wealth and power. It's much more a multiplayer Diablo than a pocket World of Warcraft - but that's an impressive enough achievement in itself.

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iPhone MMO Pocket Legends released

Free to play, buy expansion campaigns.

Spacetime Studios has released an MMO for the iPhone and iPod Touch called Pocket Legends. The game is already available for the iPad. It's free to download and play, with Spacetime charging for additional expansion campaigns.