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FeatureHoliday blues: A look at depression simulator Please Knock on My Door

"It is a difficult topic to discuss... which is why I've tried to make it into a game."

With the festive break having been and gone, we've just experienced a joyful season for many with less work, more family, and plenty of presents. But for lots of people, it's a pretty rubbish time of year. Some don't have families, others can't be with them, and some don't get on well with their nearest kin for one reason or another. In short, it can be quite a bummer for many, to put it lightly. But if that's the case for you, you're not alone! Plenty suffer from the holiday blues and Swedish game developer Michael Levall is attempting to capture those feelings of loneliness and isolation in his upcoming psychological mental health simulator Please Knock on My Door.