PlayStation Vita Features

FeatureTomb Raider, Vita's no-show and the mystery of 10m PS4 sales

Our Gamescom interview with Sony's Shuhei Yoshida. Podcast #102: Vita Launch Special

Plus: Mass Effect 3 day-one DLC outrage, various bad jokes.

FeatureCan PlayStation Vita Save The High Street?

Sony's handheld offers a glimpse of a hybrid distribution future that retail and publishers both need.

FeatureIs the PlayStation Vita worth 230?

Sony's handheld ripped to pieces and costed up. Podcast #95: PlayStation Vita Q&A

Hands-on reports on internet tethering, web browser, apps, portability, more.

FeatureVeni, Vidi, Vita

Vita won't be built in a day.

FeatureSony's Shuhei Yoshida

Vita, PS3, Move and more.

FeatureNGP Hands On

So does it do everything?

FeatureSony's Surprise

PSP2 holds few surprises, but PlayStation Suite could change the face of mobile gaming.

FeatureAndrew House talks Sony NGP price, 3G version, more

PlayStation's European boss on his next handheld.