PlayStation Vita


No plans for a Vita successor, Sony says

Manufacturing to cease in 2019.

Sony downplays dream of PlayStation Vita successor

"It became hard to keep the Vita as a going concern."

Twitch app lands on PlayStation Vita

It's a new release for PlayStation Vita!

Sony: climate "not healthy" for PlayStation Vita successor

Because of the "huge dominance of mobile gaming".

The bonkers ads of PlayStation

PSone turns 20 tomorrow. Reminisce with fancy marketing.

Minecraft PlayStation Vita release date finally announced

PC version's Horse Update now headed to all consoles.

Sony insists Vita is here to stay

But don't expect games like Uncharted or Killzone again.

Feature | Tomb Raider, Vita's no-show and the mystery of 10m PS4 sales

Our Gamescom interview with Sony's Shuhei Yoshida.

PS4/Vita Ultimate Player Edition spotted on Amazon France for 580 euro

But will it come to the UK? Sony issues statement.

The next major PS4 update is out now

And it lets you dim the DualShock 4 light bar.

PlayStation Vita system update raises app cap, adds calendar

Exchange voice messages with friends on PS4.

Vita TV to take a "different road to market" in the west

Sony explains why it launched in Japan first.

Sony confirms PS4 and Vita bundles for under £500

To launch at select shops from tonight.

Sony announces PlayStation Vita price-drop in Japan

UPDATE: "Nothing to announce" about a UK price cut.

Sony: Wii U tech "something Vita and PS3 can do quite easily"

"Almost all" Vita owners have PS3, anyway.

PlayStation Vita update locks memory cards to PSN accounts

Sony slips unadvertised extra feature in latest firmware.

Sony sales highlight PlayStation Vita's struggle

Sales down, profits down, forecasts down.

Sony's E3 2012 Conference

David Cage's new game Beyond, live Last of Us stage demo, more.

Sony unveils trio of upcoming free PlayStation Vita apps

Meet Travel Bug, Ecolibrium and Imainstruments.

Sony shares topple to 31-year low after record losses

Investors punish Sony after dismal financial results.

Sony mulls free day-one releases for PlayStation Plus

Free COD Elite subscription also an option.

PlayStation Vita 1.65 firmware update details

UPDATE: Sony pulls update after finding "technical fault".

PlayStation Vita worldwide sales hit 1.2 million

"The market has responded," says Sony.

Podcast | Podcast #102: Vita Launch Special

Plus: Mass Effect 3 day-one DLC outrage, various bad jokes.

Feature | Can PlayStation Vita Save The High Street?

Sony's handheld offers a glimpse of a hybrid distribution future that retail and publishers both need.

GAME: "we can't stock absolutely everything"

Shop talks cancelled pre-orders, Tekken 3DS, Ubisoft's Vita titles and game prices.

PlayStation Vita games, DLC, demos hit PlayStation Store

UPDATE: Sony pushes Vita store update live.

PlayStation Vita games: where's cheapest?

Eurogamer investigates the best prices for Vita's launch line-up.

PlayStation Vita: where's the cheapest price?

UPDATE: Asda £97 when you trade in a 3DS.

GAME PlayStation Vita midnight launch plans announced

WipEout dev signing goodies at Oxford Street store.

Video | EGTV: Eurogamer playtests PlayStation Vita

Showing off what Sony's new handheld can do.

Video | T@g Vita app trailer

Sony shows off first of its Discovery Apps.

Video | PlayStation Vita trailer demos PS3 cross-play

How Sony's new handheld connects to its bigger brother.

Video | Sony shows off two more Vita AR games

Cliff Diver and Fireworks are both free downloads.

PlayStation Vita memory card pack pictures

£17.99 for 4GB, £31.99 for 8GB, £44.99 for 16GB.

PlayStation Vita Japan sales slowest yet

3DS outsells all other hardware again.

Sony: 3DS proves that people want gaming handhelds

Andrew House salutes Nintendo's recent success.

Feature | Is the PlayStation Vita worth £230?

Sony's handheld ripped to pieces and costed up.

Podcast | Podcast #95: PlayStation Vita Q&A

Hands-on reports on internet tethering, web browser, apps, portability, more.

Vita slower to 500,000 sales than 3DS

Sony's handheld jogs out of the Japanese blocks.

Feature | Veni, Vidi, Vita

Vita won't be built in a day.

Review | PlayStation Vita Review

The ultimate hardcore gamer's handheld?

Video | FIFA Football footage for PlayStation Vita

EA footy behemoth headed to Sony handheld.

Sony: Vita intended to be played by only one user

Hardware reset required to switch accounts.

Video | PlayStation Vita software line-up video

Uncharted! Resistance! LBP! Virtua Tennis!

Video | Sony highlights Vita features video

Plus more Uncharted: Golden Abyss in action.

Vita limited to one PSN log-in per console - report

Must format to factory settings to change it.

Video | The EGTV Show: Why should you buy a PlayStation Vita?

Sony and its studios make their pre-launch pitch.

Video | Sony launches PlayStation Vita ad campaign

US, European releases due 22nd February.

Sony: PSP "confused customers"

But its Vita sales pitch is "much more focused".

Video | Sony vid shows off PlayStation Vita AR games

Anything the 3DS can do, Vita can do better?

Video | First crazy Japanese PlayStation Vita advert

Sony's next-gen handheld out there 17th December.

PlayStation Vita firmware screens

Near! Trophies! Browser! Chat!

Feature | Sony's Shuhei Yoshida

Vita, PS3, Move and more.

Video | Disgaea 3 Return for PlayStation Vita

PS3 port has Trophies, new characters.

Feature | NGP Hands On

So does it do everything?

Global PS3 sales still behind Xbox 360

Sony reveals full-year figures.

Video | Sony shows off AR artificial reality tech

Sony demos artificial reality games.

Video | NGP engine running in real-time footage

Trinigy's tech demo for PSP successor.

Sony denies NGP Japan earthquake delay

Bloomberg report was "wrong".

Japan quake could delay NGP until 2012

Tretton suggests one-region 2011 launch.

Music Unlimited confirmed for PSP2

Hits PSP "in a matter of weeks".

Simultaneous digital launch for NGP games

Sony learning from PSP mistakes.

Next Generation Portable price revealed?

Survey suggests $250 base, $350 with 3G.

NGP chips won't rival PS3 performance

"The battery would last five minutes."

Nintendo: 3G fees will hold NGP back

Will "decrease the customer base".

US PSP price drop: Sony Europe responds

American tag trimmed to $130.

New NGP details emerge at private event

"Itís a developer's dream" says source.

Sony hopes NGP matches PSP install base

Plus, see the new handheld in action.

Video | Sony shows NGP gameplay footage

Killzone! Uncharted! LBP! Resistance!

Sony asks PSP devs for download titles

NGP can only run digital PSP games.

Sony PSP2: NGP event roundup

News! Screenshots! Videos! Articles!

Feature | Sony's Surprise

PSP2 holds few surprises, but PlayStation Suite could change the face of mobile gaming.

Simultaneous global 2011 launch for NGP?

Sony: That's going to be "difficult".

NGP "unlikely to hit the mass market"

Analysts cool on Sony's new handheld.

Feature | Andrew House talks Sony NGP price, 3G version, more

PlayStation's European boss on his next handheld.

PSP2 NGP: What developers think

The Twitterverse speaks.

Eurogamer's photos of PSP2 NGP

Up-close, on-stage at PlayStation Meeting.

Video | Sony shows PSP2 NGP concept footage

Social, location gaming imagined.

Tretton on PSP2 NGP: Games are critical

"2011 will be one of our biggest years yet."

Epic: PSP2/NGP 4x any other "portable"

Update: demos 100% real-time - Rein.

PSP2: Call of Duty confirmed for NGP

Activision gets Sony's back.

Video | Kaz Hirai unveils the NGP

No sign of Ridge Racer yet.

Video | Next Generation Portable: features

Sony detail the NGP's capabilities.

PSP2 games: the NGP line-up

Uncharted! Killzone! WipEout! Resistance!

PSP2 unveiled: Next Generation Portable

NGP has dual sticks, front/rear touch, 3G.

Sony unveils PlayStation Suite for Android

"Legendary" PSone content heading to your phone.