Pikmin 3 News

Miyamoto: Pikmin 4 still "progressing"

Seed you in the future.

3DS sidescroller Hey! Pikmin release date revealed

New amiibo to launch alongside it.

Don't worry, Nintendo's still making Pikmin 4

It's just been "hard" to fit into the development schedule.

Shigeru Miyamoto is debuting his Pikmin short films at Tokyo International Film Festival

Entitled The Night Juicer, Treasures in a Bottle, and Occupational Hazards.

Pikmin 3 adds new stylus control option

Get the game for free with Mario Kart 8.

Pikmin 3 DLC announced

First free update goes live today, further paid packs inbound.

Miyamoto reveals the secret behind Pikmin 3's hidden memos

Who knows how this idea was sprouted.

Shigeru Miyamoto can't save all his own Pikmin

Pikmin 3 could get DLC if that's what the audience wants.

Asda no longer selling Wii U consoles, games in supermarkets

UPDATE: Pledges to continue Nintendo support with expanded 3DS range.

GAME releasing Pikmin 3 digital download codes early

Play Nintendo's masterpiece today.

Miyamoto blames Wii U launch software delays on Nintendo's leap to next-gen

"Any time you have a big jump in the hardware technology it certainly takes the teams time."

Nintendo confirms Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 UK release dates

New Super Luigi Bros. U DLC getting standalone release.

Nintendo ditches E3 press conference in favour of behind-closed-doors events

With no new hardware to announce and Nintendo Direct established.

SNES classic Earthbound headed to Wii U VC, system update due next week

New Pikmin 3 gameplay shown but still no European release date.

Pikmin 3 to bring back the "stress" of the original game

Miyamoto: "I thought it was important to get back to the basics of Pikmin 1."

Pikmin 3 delayed to Q2 2013 in Europe, US

Updated launch info for Fire Emblem, Scribblenauts, Brain Training, Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing.

Nintendo reveals Google Maps for Wii U

And shows off new Pikmin 3 footage.

No online multiplayer for Pikmin 3 on Wii U

Lots of characters makes it "very difficult", says Miyamoto.

Nintendo lists Wii U games line-up

Retail releases and eShop downloads.

Pikmin 3 revealed by Nintendo

Rock Pikmin shown off, new GamePad and Motion Plus gameplay.

Retailer leak names 25 Wii U games - report

UPDATE: Ex-Blockbuster staffer says they're speculative.

Wii U: "Certainly we will learn from 3DS"

Re: games, digital, but not necessarily price.

Pikmin on Nintendo 3DS?

UPDATE: Zavvi admits error.

Nintendo "not conscious" of any rivals

"Our business is very unique" - Iwata

Report: Pikmin 3 "well under way"

Miyamoto apparently offers update.

"We're making Pikmin" - Miyamoto

Sounds like a sequel is on the way.