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This year's Slitherlink!

Let me tell you a romantic story. There was once a man who loved puzzle games. He bought a DS, and then played puzzle games on it for about 90 per cent of his waking life. The end.

While short, I think it's safe to say that's one of the most beautiful and moving tales of love and happiness that the world has ever known. The DS, for all its tinny sound and horribly region-locked future, is the greatest thing for puzzling chaps and chapesses since the invention of the pencil. Pick it up, run into the street, hold it above your head, and shout, "I love my DS and your laws and your twisted moralities can never keep us apart!"

Good. Now welcome to Pic Pic. You may already be very familiar with this, as it's already a year old. But like Slitherlink before it, this isn't about being fresh out the factory - it's about being a truly great puzzle game that you likely haven't heard about.

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