Pets vs. Monsters

Funcom launches casual MMO arm

Funcom launches casual MMO arm

SweetRobot making Pets vs. Monsters.

Norwegian developer Funcom has announced the establishment of SweetRobot, a subsidiary that will make "social and casual" MMO games - as revealed in our exclusive interview today.

SweetRobot's first project will be Pets vs. Monsters, aimed at an eight to 12-year-old audience. Players ride pets into battle as well as enjoying typical RPG progression. The game will have a small streaming client, and although the business model has yet to be decided, it will be initially free.

A small team of 15 at Funcom has been working for the past two years on Pets vs. Monsters and its underlying engine, which will be used as the basis for a number of similar projects. The game has no release date, but will go into closed beta testing soon.

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Funcom's SweetRobot

MMOs for kids?

Norwegian developer Funcom usually makes games like The Longest Journey, Anarchy Online, Age of Conan and The Secret World; worlds for adults, not kids. Not, at least, until now. Because today Funcom unveiled SweetRobot, a subsidiary company set up expressly to make MMOs for a "younger audience". The first of these will be Pets vs. Monsters, a game where heroes collect, nurture and fight alongside pets. It's a bit Pokemon, but blended with a Diablo-like RPG world of loot and exploration.