Persona 4 Golden News

Persona 4 Golden is getting an animated TV series

In addition to the one Persona 4 already has.

Atlus' message to fans after Sega buyout

Work continues on future titles.

Persona 4 Golden dated next month in Europe

UPDATE: Debuts two days earlier on PSN.

Persona 4 Golden set for "spring" in Europe

Tentatively slated for February, which is totally not spring.

Persona 4: Golden release date set for November in NA, spring in EU

Not region-locked. You can now explore the town at night.

How is PS Vita doing in Japan?

Sales figures for hardware and games half a year in.

Japan chart: Persona 4 revives Vita sales

Plus, top 3 debut for Lollipop Chainsaw.

Sony announces new PS Vita games for Japan

Confirms Mega Man creator's new Vita project.

Persona 4 remake for Vita revealed

Plus, Persona fighting game, Persona 5.