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Paradox doing Black Plague expansion

Paradox doing Black Plague expansion

It's coming out this summer.

Paradox has decided to give PC adventure game Penumbra: Black Plague an expansion.

Dubbed Requiem, it will be put together by series developer Frictional Games and be out this June on digital distribution site GamersGate.

"After the launch of Penumbra: Black Plague we realised that we still had some unfinished ideas for features and storyline that we wanted to implement. An expansion like this will be the perfect end to a series that has given both us and the players so much," said Jens Nilsson, boss at Frictional Games.

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Penumbra demo released

Puzzle-based survival horror.

To celebrate its joining the glitzy golden ranks of gaming, Frictional Games has released a tasty demo for Penumbra: Overture, ahead of the first episodic instalment due on 30th March.