PayDay 2 News

Big layoffs at embattled Payday studio Starbreeze

60 jobs cut as developer bids to stay afloat.

Person arrested following Starbreeze office raid

Swedish authorities suspect insider trading.

Payday 2 is giving away 5 million free copies on Steam

First come, first served. Offer expires 21st June.

This is Payday VR

Free for all Payday 2 owners.

The Elder Scrolls Online UK number one

Lego Jurassic World in at two.

Payday 2 and SpeedRunners get free crossover content

Four characters invade each other's game.

Payday 2 DLC adds new heist and first playable female character

All available DLC to come in discounted bundles this week.

Payday 2 is getting Hotline Miami crossover DLC this month

"Because we at Overkill f****** love Hotline Miami."

Battlefield turned Payday 2 designer starts new indie studio

Goldfarb quits Overkill and is "abandoning AAA".

Payday 2 heading to PS4 and Xbox One

Crimewave Edition is "the ultimate Payday experience".

Breaking Bad's Gustavo Fring actor stars in PayDay 2 DLC

Can you face this extended live-action trailer?

Payday 2, Brothers help Starbreeze to historic profit

"That is what they call a turnaround."

Payday 2 sells 1.58 million

80 per cent of sales were digital.

Payday 2 Steam release date announced

PC next Tuesday. Other platforms next week.