Pac 'n Roll

Pac n' Roll

Pac n' Roll

Does Pacman have a ghost of a chance on the DS?

Well, this is either going to open with some sort of remark about the 25th anniversary of Pacman, or about how the DS is finally coming into its own. Spin the wheel... tikka tikka tikka tik tik tik tiiik tiiiiik... clunk. It's the DS.

This is the moment that you can finally say it's worth owning a DS. Sure, Zoo Keeper is a lot of fun. Certainly, there were a couple of novel ideas in WarioWare: Touched. And yes, I'd imagine you have your own unique defense for any number of the obscure titles that have trickled out in the machine's first 10 months. But now, at last, the awkwardness is gone, and the stylus is entirely justified. Nintendogs welcomes in the crowds, Advance Wars: Dual Strike pleases those in the know, Phoenix Wright delights the obscurists, and Kirby: Canvas Curse demonstrates that innovation brings in surprise results.

Pac 'n Roll fills in a very vital, and oft neglected role, in the mainstream realisation of a console: it's plain good. Not outstanding, not worth buying a DS to play. But solid, entertaining, good. Also, Pacman is 25. Happy birthday old man.

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