Pac-Man Rally

Pac-Man Rally

Pac-Man Rally

Pac to the future.

I still remember what it was like when Super Mario Kart first came out, back in 1992. Obviously, there was the addictive glee of a beautifully realised and devilishly silly racing game, the sense of witnessing the arrival of a classic. But more than that was the genre-hopping freedom it heralded. Hard to imagine now, but back then the very idea of a famous platform character taking the wheel of a dinky go-kart was fresh and innovative.

Thanks to the voracious commercial gullet of the games boar, that freshness and innovation didn't last long. From our vantage point in 2007 the kart racing sub-genre has been sullied beyond repair by a parade of shockingly lazy knock-offs, pasting famous brands into tiny cars with wanton disregard for the nuances that made Mario's outing so damn great. Off the top of my handsomely proportioned head, we've been "blessed" with kart racers featuring Looney Tunes, South Park, Antz, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Bomberman, Crash Bandicoot, Diddy Kong, The Beano and Crazy Frog. There's probably at least a hundred more yet. Hell, there was even a Woody Woodpecker racing game. Woody Woodpecker. Let that thought roll around in your brain for a moment.

Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be Mario Kart

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