Pac-Man Battle Royale

Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

Pac-Man! Hysteria! Parachute! Surveillant! Mini!

The more popular this mobile gaming lark gets, the more interesting games come out, and the more fall through the cracks every week.

Just this week alone, I could have covered about 10 more games that are worthy of attention - games like Battleheart, Devil May Cry, Blockoban, Cover Orange, Backbreaker 2, Grimm, It's Just A Thought, ilomilo, Tiki Towers 2 and the awesomely named Mini Gay Boyfriend, among others.

Most of these go in a 'To Cover' list, with a resolute intention to include them in upcoming roundups, but then what happens? Another slew of brand new goodies turns up and elbows a lot of them out the way, Surveillant being the latest case in point.

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