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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced via gameplay trailer

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced via gameplay trailer

UPDATE: Scripted by Rhianna Pratchett, headed to PC, PS4, Xbox One.

UPDATE 23/4/15 2.15pm Codemasters has now officially unveiled Overlord: Fellowship of Evil for launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

The third major game in the series, Fellowship of Evil has been shaped into an action RPG that seems somewhat similar to Diablo. It also looks like it will support up to four players simultaneously.

Despite this, you will still be summoning minions to do you your bidding.

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Overlord DLC heading to 360

PC stuff in the New Year.

Codemasters is lining up three slugs of downloadable content for Overlord on Xbox 360, and all three are due out this month.

Codemasters has thrown up an Overlord PC demo, and it's left a nasty stain all over their website. This one, which is where you can download it, unless you're too lazy, and prefer direct links (1.06GB).

Overlord demo on Live

Go and get evil.

A demo for Codemasters' deliciously dastardly game Overlord is now available on Xbox Live, with a PC version expected to follow early next week on the official site.

Overlord dated for US

Demo not out. America mad.

Codemasters has said that both Xbox 360 and PC versions of Overlord will be out in the US on 26th June - the expectation being that the European version will follow a few days later on 29th June, although Codemasters hasn't confirmed that just yet.

Minions are Overlord's stars

Codemasters talks dark fantasy.

Codemasters has revealed more details for dark fantasy game Overlord this afternoon, focusing on the real stars of the show, the minions.

More Overlord details

More Overlord details

How evil can you be?

Codemasters and Triumph Studios are getting excited about next summer's release of Overlord on PC and Xbox 360, in which you and your minions get to trawl through a fantasy world wiping things out and generally repressing people.

To this end they've been telling us about the degrees of corruption available to the fledgling Overlord. Obviously you can teach the local peasants a lesson and force them to bow before your might, but that isn't enough for some.

No, some Overlords will prefer to foster false hope in the blighters, driving off violent halflings who are causing them bother so they'll worship you as their lord and protector - and then putting the boot in.

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Codies announces Overlord

Codies announces Overlord

Be evil. Well, more so.

Codemasters is encouraging you to be evil again. Having already signed ArchLord - a game in which one player gets supreme control over an entire MMO each month - now it's peddling Triumph Studios' Overlord, in which players take on the role of a big nasty bad guy and order minions around to do their bidding.

Due out next summer on PC and Xbox 360, it's billed as a darkly comic game about becoming an evil overlord. You stumble, near death, out of the old Overlord's Dark Tower and then take on "twisted parodies of classic fantasy scenarios and characters", using impish minions to fetch, fight and generally sacrifice themselves for your greater good (well, evil).

"Overlord offers a wealth of freedom and allows players to experience classic fantasy like never before. Working with the minions, players can loot and pillage their way through the game's world or maybe resist the temptations of evil. In Overlord, player choices truly shape the world," says Lennart Sas, director at Triumph.

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