Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

Bland at best, broken at worst, this shallow reinvention of the cult strategy puzzler is hell for both fans and newcomers.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil review

Though far from perfect, the original Overlord and its 2009 sequel had one very important thing going for them: they were different.

Casting you as a newly resurrected evil deity - a thinly veiled off-brand Sauron from Lord of the Rings - you were able to gather a small army of skittering, gibbering minions and steer them around the screen en masse, causing mayhem and destruction, and generally putting the boot into a twee fantasy land that had it coming. Part strategy game, part puzzler, yet viewed as a third person action game, it's fair to say that there was nothing quite like them at the time, and there's still nothing like them now.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

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