Outlaw Tennis

Outlaw Tennis

Outlaw Tennis

Tennis champion or just another Henman?

Every so often, a videogame pops up that makes us wish real life was less real, and more like videogames. Usually when we're playing something that lets you ride a hoverboard, or smash very expensive cars into shop windows, or anything which has the words "Star" and "Wars" on the cover.

Outlaw Tennis is one such game - and not just because it makes us feel like we are reasonably good at sport for once. It's because Outlaw Tennis takes all those tennis clichés - the polite handshaking, the crisp white shorts, the strawberries and cream and the hateful "Come on Tim" nonsense - and lobs it straight in the bin. And then replaces it all with tattooed ex-cons, giant-breasted strippers, on-court brawls and matches that take place in abattoirs. Now that's more like it.

In all honesty, we were expecting the novelty of such additions to wear off within an hour or two of playing OT, leaving us with an average - at best - tennis game, which would come nowhere near to matching the likes of Virtua Tennis, Top Spin and Smash Court.

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