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Otherland MMO rebooted and set for Steam Early Access launch

Otherland - the MMO based on Tad Williams' cult science fiction books of the same name - was once due out in 2010. Then it was due out in 2012. Now, seven years after Eurogamer first previewed the game, Otherland is set to launch on Steam as an Early Access title on 26th August.

Polish developer Drago Entertainment is the company behind the rebooted Otherland, built with the Unreal game engine.

So, what happened? Two years ago Otherland transitioned from now defunct studio RealU to new developer Drago, which set about turning it around for release. There have been two closed beta tests.

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Otherland Preview: Yesterday's Future MMO

A virtual world about a virtual world of virtual worlds. The gamer playing a virtual character playing a virtual character. The MMO conversion of Tad Williams's book series has an audacious, indulgent concept, but back in 2008 the stars seemed to have aligned in Otherland's favour. Oli was the last to see it, in a 2008 trip to RealU's Singapore base and, quite frankly, he was blown away.

"It must be one of the most original, thought provoking and intellectually exciting games in development anywhere," he said, "and, although you might be a fool to bet on its success, you'd be a churl to be against it. Because, in the all too-conservative world of MMOs, Otherland is exactly the kind of unlikely story we need."

Then, Otherland vanished.

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MIA cyberpunk MMO Otherland resurfaces

First gameplay trailer released, 2012 launch promised.

Otherland, the ambitious MMO based on Tad Williams' cult science fiction books of the same name, has emerged from hiding, nearly four years after it was first announced.


The virtual world about virtual worlds.

Talk about strange bedfellows.

Cyberpunk MMO Otherland revealed

It's based on the Tad Williams novels.

German publisher dtp Entertainment has revealed that it's working on a new MMO set in a "multiverse" of virtual realities called Otherland.