Organ Trail: Director's Cut

App of the Day: Organ Trail: Director's Cut

Of all the skills I pretend to be learning while gaming, resource management feels like the most credible. Organ Trail's punning title riffs on The Oregon Trail, a '70s game all about surviving a journey across the States by carefully husbanding what you have - and this iOS title transplants a similar set of mechanics into a zombie apocalypse. Hey, we're learning here.

First of all, this isn't the usual kind of zombie game that's done the concept to death. Organ Trail crafts a desolate, scary and often funny universe from its minimalist retro aesthetic. Its zombies are slow, walking or crawling green sprites that do nothing but gradually inch closer and closer to your character whenever they're around. You fight them from time to time, but only as a last resort.

Organ Trail is about getting from one end of a zombie-filled America to the other in a beaten-up station wagon. Four friends are along for the ride, whom you name at the start of the game - a rather crude trick for creating narrative meaning, because of course you name them after real-life mates, but one that adds a little spice regardless.

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