Order of War

Order of War

Probably: "Shoot those men!"

There's only one surefire way of revving up expectation for a World War II strategy game: use Dad's Army map arrows during cut-scenes. Works every time. Either Order of War's developers are geniuses on the same scale as Perry and Croft, or their home country of Belarus (as seen in the semi-finals of Eurovision) is a hotbed of not being kidded by Mr Hitler. So yes, Order of War is exciting because of the pointy arrows. But what else?

Square Enix unveils WWII PC wargame

Square Enix unveils WWII PC wargame

Order of War: disagreement, fighting, peace.

Square Enix is making a bid for the Western PC wargaming market this year with a Second World War strategy title called Order of War.

The game promises huge scale as it examines the war in Europe in 1944 on both western and eastern fronts. In the single-player campaigns, you'll fight as the Americans pushing the Germans back in the west, and as the Germans repelling the Russian Red Army in the east. There will also be multiplayer Deathmatch and Skirmish modes.

Order of War is developed by Wargaming.net, the London and Belarus-based developer that made Galactic Assault and the Massive Assault series.

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