App of the Day: Orbital HD

App of the Day: Orbital HD

Have a Hartnoll.

One of the enjoyable things about seeking out content for App of the Day is the freedom it offers - there's no review code to hustle after, and rarely any demand to satisfy the curiosity of the hype machine. Instead we can take recommendations from friends or just go browsing for ourselves, check the lie of the land, and then come home with the good news. Through a combination of price point and limited visibility, there's simply no such thing as yesterday's news on the mobile platforms - just good games.

Originally released in 2009, Orbital HD is a perfect example of this philosophy, and the game's three modes offer gentle twists on what is a deceptively simple yet compelling and thoughtful proposition: a cannon rotates idly back and forth at the bottom of the screen, while a tap of the screen fires off a shot at your choice of trajectory.

The charge it emits travels with a fixed degree of momentum so there's a limitless number of choices for placement - fire directly towards the top of the screen and have it glide back down a little, or launch with a ricochet off a side wall to have it nestle delicately at the top of the screen.

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