Operation Flashpoint: Red River


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Codemasters announces Codemasters Racing label

Codemasters announces Codemasters Racing label

Operation Flashpoint KIA as publisher focuses exclusively on racing games.

UPDATE: Codemasters has been in touch to clarify its Codemasters Racing announcement.

Codemasters remains the name of the company. Codemasters Racing is a new label, which launches alongside DiRT Showdown, and will be the home of Codies' racing brands: DiRT, F1 and GRID.

ORIGINAL STORY: Codemasters is no more: meet Codemasters Racing.

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Call of Duty and its ilk are fairground-ride approximations of modern warfare. Their designers carefully arrange buildings, beams of sunlight and terrain to turn the head and draw the eye as you move along the rails. Explosions blast and enemies pop up as you pass through invisible triggers, only to be reset by the SFX team as soon as you're done, ready for the next tourist to gawp at.

These games are often exhilarating and absolutely deserve their place front-and-centre of mainstream gaming for their visceral, immediate thrills. But they are, nevertheless, a Disneyland rendering of contemporary combat. The primary emotion you feel travelling through the mechanical string of set-pieces is one of puff-chested power, rarely fear.

It would be senseless to imply that Operation Flashpoint, console gaming's only military sim series, is anything like real war. But the emotions the game elicits are undoubtedly more nuanced and realistic than those of its corridor-shooter cousins. There are still the invisible trigger points that cause enemies to burst out of buildings on cue. But in this world, ammo is scarce, bullets drop height the longer they are asked to fly, and there's no precision-engineered path through these wide-open desert spaces to bustle you mindlessly along to your next objective.

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Out This Week - 22/04/11

Portal 2! Mortal Kombat! Op Flash!

It's a hard time to be a gamer. Marvellous temperatures outside and a small flotilla of incoming bank holidays call you away from your gaming device(s) of choice. What else could herald one of the busiest weeks of game releases so far this year?

London, 1800 hours. Following confirmed and reconfirmed reports of an Operation Flashpoint: Red River co-op event, I've been parachuted into West London to infiltrate Samarqand, a central Asian restaurant. Here I must blend in with the locals to gain access to the code.

OpFlash: Red River release date

OpFlash: Red River release date

Forecasting April showers.

Gritty PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 shooter Operation Flashpoint: Red River will launch in Europe and Australia on Thursday 21st April, Codemasters has announced.

It'll release in the US on 26th April. Oh look, we're getting it first!

Red River promises to deliver an "authentic and intensely personal US Marine Corps infantryman experience" and builds upon predecessor Dragon Rising by "taking on board feedback from the community".

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Operation Flashpoint is one of those shooters in which getting shot actually matters. It could be said that's true of every shooter, but not to this extent. In many modern FPS games, each bullet you take merely drains a little colour from your world until you finally keel over. It's no worse, in a sense, than being told Fred Astaire has died.

Next OpFlash "takes on board feedback"

"Target visuals" arrive.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River will deliver an "authentic and intensely personal US Marine Corps infantryman experience" and builds upon predecessor Dragon Rising by "taking on board feedback from the community", Codemasters has said.