OnLive News

OnLive installed on new Philips TVs out of the box

Alongside established giants such as Netflix, Spotify.

OnLive's CloudLift subscription price cut to £5 a month

As five new games added to the service.

OnLive's new owner bought the company for just $4.8m

After Sony bought Gaikai for $380m.

"Technological challenges" holding up OnLive iPad app

OnLive still in talks with Apple nine months after announcement.

Steve Perlman calls on gamers to give reborn OnLive a chance

Turns to Rearden to work on new projects.

Steve Perlman to remain CEO of newly minted OnLive

Cloud gaming company was estimated between $30 - $40 million in debt.

As OnLive struggles, Sony reveals it's working with Gaikai to resolve issues around cloud gaming

"Games become something in the future, like when you watch YouTube."

OnLive signs deal with Ouya

UPDATE: Ouya controller revealed.

When will OnLive have no latency?

"Fundamentally, at some point, you hit the speed of light."

Get OnLive PlayPack subscription for £2 trial

First month price for access to 200 games.

OnLive UK release date announced

Launches next month at Eurogamer Expo.

OnLive boss counters lag criticism

"The algorithms are getting better."

OnLive does "everything" Wii U does

Steve Perlman casts doubt on consoles.

OnLive to launch in UK this Autumn

New universal controller to widen reach.

EA on 3D: Games will get their Avatar

But it's not the priority.

EA rejects cloud-only future for gaming

Discs not obsolete "any time soon".

OnLive convinces TV giant VIZIO

Game-streaming out of the box.

Gaikai not worried by OnLive patent

Insists remote gaming is not patentable.

EA sceptical about OnLive

Publisher concerned about lag, price.

Movie streaming heading to OnLive?

Service due to start next year.

OnLive to launch $9.99 monthly subs plan

Get unlimited access to 40 titles.

OnLive MicroConsole dated, priced

Hardware receives warm reviews in US.

OnLive monthly fee waived forever

"Which deserves a double woot woot."

Full list of OnLive pricing options

Rentals and licensing explained.

BT hopes to launch OnLive in late 2011

More launch details later this year.

OnLive early adopters get first year free

First 25,000 sign-ups also get free game.

Aliens vs Predator heading to OnLive

Rebellion deal a precursor of SEGA support?

BT signs exclusive rights to OnLive

Cloud gaming bundled with broadband.

OnLive gets June US launch date

$15 per month plus cost of games.

OnLive: "downloaded media past its peak"

Perlman says his service is way forward.

OnLive beta latency issues explained

It only works in a 1000-mile range.

OnLive mobile phone tech demoed

Perlman shows it off in New York.

Xbox not worried about Gaikai, OnLive

Something for "longer term", says Microsoft.

Perlman: OnLive to launch this winter

New funds power the cloud dream.

OnLive goes into public beta testing

Cloud gaming service takes first steps.

David Perry demos OnLive-style tech

Gaikai shown running WOW, EVE.

OnLive to stay away from E3

Expect more news soon though, says boss.

GDC: David Perry's OnLive-style service

"The OnLive news has forced my hand."

GDC: OnLive to stream games to TVs, PCs

Publishers back hardware-bypass vision.