Offworld Trading Company

Not just for economists, Mohawk's precise, focused debut balances the books with panache.

Offworld Trading Company review

I'll begin with this, so as to establish my position. I am a terrible capitalist.

I come from a background in which there is an inherent guilt associated with wealth. Not one of radical communism or fierce anarchy, but that quietly parochial English shame which afflicts all matters pecuniary. As much as I'd like to claim this as a moral victory, born of a desire for fiscal equanimity, I suspect it's actually a simple consequence of a naturally feckless inflection: I do not manage money well.

It translates to many of my gaming experiences. I fritter on nonsense, rather than saving up for the game changers, buying useless improvements and ignoring spectacular opportunities. In almost everything I play with any sort of economic system, be it based upon gold or gems or souls or koala bears, I am perpetually impoverished.

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Civ 4 lead designer's RTS Offworld Trading Company launches this month

Civilization 4 lead designer Soren Johnson's upcoming economic real-time strategy game Offworld Trading Company is leaving Steam Early Access on 28th April.

Offworld Trading Company is the debut effort of Johnson's new studio Mohawk Games. It's been on Steam Early Access since February 2015 and has seen 10 major updates since the beta went live.

"We don't view release as the end of the project but as another milestone in the game's progress. We will be supporting, updating, and playing the game with all of you as we have always been," Johnson said in the announcement.

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