Off the Leash

App of the Day: Off the Leash

App of the Day: Off the Leash

Don't mention the walkies.

Given that running games are so prevalent these days, it seems a bit mental that it's taken this long for someone to produce a good one starring a dog. After all, dogs practically invented running. They certainly bang on about it enough, bouncing around the kitchen whenever anyone so much as glances at a wellington boot. But hey, the wait is over thanks to Big Pixel Studios' Off the Leash.

You know the drill by now and this is only a gentle variation. Using tilt controls, you direct a scampering hound up into the screen, swerving to avoid pools, fences and police cars (dogs have been banned, you see - hence all the running away). Or alternatively you swerve towards things - to gather food for levelling up, other dogs for building a merry train of friends, and coins for spending at the in-game shop.

There's a timer on-screen most of the time, ticking down, and you need to hit certain checkpoints before it expires or else you'll run smack bang into a police roadblock. You can better your chances of making it further by levelling up, which increases your speed, and by gathering other dogs to your cause, because as they scamper in your wake they create a wider footprint, which helps in hoovering up collectables. There are also power-ups like a magnet, a chili speed boost and a doggy icon that doubles the number of pooches in your parade.

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