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No Man's Sky Zinc - Where to find Zinc and what Zinc does

How to find and use the uncommon Oxide for repairs, crafting and more.

Zinc is one of those resources in No Man's Sky that's awkward to find, but used for almost everything. It plays a part in how to fix your ship and get off the first planet, but is also a crucial member of any keen explorer's inventory, providing you with security against the elements as well as the capability to recharge important technologies and tools along the way.

No Man's Sky guide, tips and tricks for survival and exploration

All our guides, tips, tricks, and advice for getting through No Man's Sky in once piece.

No Man's Sky is an absolute monster of a game, housing - as you've probably heard - upwards of 18 quintillion planets in a near-infinite universe of procedural generation. In fact we put together a video of fifty different planets in seven minutes and found a pretty incredible range.

No Man's Sky - How to save the game

Every way to save the game in No Man's Sky.

Saving the game in No Man's Sky, much like how to fix your ship and leave the first planet, or even how to expand your inventory, isn't made immediately obvious to the player. That's in part thanks to the game's intentionally hard-to-grasp mechanics, however players aren't afforded the greatest amount of control over their saves, either.

No Man's Sky Money - How to earn Units and the fastest way to earn money in No Man's Sky

All get rich quick schemes you'll ever need, in one place.

Money's tight in No Man's Sky. You've got ships to buy, new Exosuit expansions to pay for - not to mention a hungry pet that needs feeding. Okay, well you can feed your pet with some random plantlife you find nearby, but the point remains: if you want to do well in No Man's Sky, you're going to need to earn some cash.

No Man's Sky Atlas Pass - How to get Atlas Passes v1, v2 and v3

Tracking down No Man's Sky's elusive tickets into locked off areas.

It's not long into a playthrough of No Man's Sky that you'll spot a door, or maybe a crate, which refuses to open for those without an Atlas Pass v1, v2 or v3. Much like the questions of how to expand your inventory space and how to get off the first planet, Atlas Passes in No Man's Sky are left peculiarly unexplained - and whilst answers to much of the game's minor questions can be found with our No Man's Sky guide, tips and tricks for survival, the Atlas Passes dilemma is one which needs a little more space to explain. So what are these mysterious key cards, what do they unlock, and how do you get them?

Getting yourself to the centre of the galaxy is quite literally your central goal in No Man's Sky: your raison d'Ítre, the affirmative solution to your crushing existential woes, and for some an absolute crushing disappointment.

No Man's Sky Atlas Path walkthrough - how to reach the Atlas Path ending

Explaining the mysterious Atlas, how to follow it, and the rewards for completing the Atlas Path.

There's not a great deal of story in No Man's Sky - it's a game of exploration, after all - but the one element which does stand out as a more structured narrative is the Atlas Path. Although obscure, easily missed, and unexplained, one way or another you'll still need to engage with the Atlas in No Man's Sky - if only to get your hands on an Atlas Pass.