Japanese police make first R4 cartridge seller arrest

More than three years after the devices were outlawed.

Nintendo thought about Nintenhorses

"Horses would definitely sell well in Europe."

Nintendogs blamed for attack on child

By the Daily Mail, shockingly.

Japanese police make first R4 cartridge seller arrest

More than three years after the devices were outlawed.

Nintendo thought about Nintenhorses

"Horses would definitely sell well in Europe."

Nintendogs blamed for attack on child

By the Daily Mail, shockingly.

New DS colours in US

But not in Europe.

New DS bundles iffy for Europe

Xmas Nintendogs, Zelda themes.

New Nintendogs on the way

Dalmatian edition out next month.

Feature | 2005 UK Sales Review

Part Two: Clapping the handhelds.

Meet Miyamoto's Nintendog

And receive a special gift.

Review | Nintendogs

Dog's dinner or our new best friend?

DS price cut on the way

And so is Nintendogs bundle.

Charity praises Nintendogs

The right message, it says.

Feature | Nintendogs

We go for a walk with Hideki Konno.

Nintendogs dated in UK

Sounds like the US version.

No free Nintendogs for us!

No plans to mirror US promotion.

Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends

And they call it puppy love.