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4th May 2006

2005 UK Sales Review

7th October 2005


New DS colours in US

But not in Europe.

Americaland Nintendo has confirmed that it will be launching two new special edition DS bundles on Friday in the States - but Nintendo Europe says there are "no plans" to release them here.

Nintendogs: Dalmatian and Friends

First things first. Nintendogs: Dalmatian & Friends is exactly the same as Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends, Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends and Nintendogs: Labrador & Friends, with one rather obvious difference.

Yes, the new edition of Nintendogs lets you raise a spotty puppy. Or a boxer, beagle, German shepherd, golden retriever or Yorkshire terrier, if you prefer, since those are the breeds you can choose from at the start of the game. A further 14 can be unlocked later (but as Nintendogs aficionados will know, unlocking new breeds can take aaages - hence they've released Dalmatian & Friends even though it's possible to unlock the dalmatian in other versions).

Once you've picked your pup, it's time to head home and teach your new dog some old tricks. Your first task is to teach your pet its name by saying it into the DS's microphone a few times. Then you can set about teaching your doggy to sit, roll over, shake hands etc. on command.

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2005 UK Sales Review

2005 UK Sales Review

Part Two: Clapping the handhelds.

Continuing our in-depth look at last year's sales report, Kristan picks over the DS and PSP's first years and even spends a bit of time on the Game Boy Advance. All data taken from Chart-Track's annual report, used with permission.

DS: Double Trouble?

Having launched back in March 2005, Nintendo's new handheld had almost a six-month head-start on Sony's PSP, but, in the final 2005 reckoning still found itself overtaken by the more powerful, more expensive machine. DS game sales accounted for an impressive-sounding 1.66m units, or three per cent of all games sold. By value, DS titles accounted for 3.4 per cent of the entire market with 4.14m.

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Meet Miyamoto's Nintendog

And receive a special gift.

Calling all Nintendogs fans - get yourself, your DS and your virtual best friend down to Lakeside Thurrock shopping centre this week for a very special treat.



Dog's dinner or our new best friend?

It's finally here - the pet sim that has taken the US and Japan by storm and sold a whole load of DS units to a whole load of people. We previewed the Japanese game back in June, but now we've had the chance to try out the English language version and find out just what all those text screens actually mean. And here's what else we've learned...

First off, we'd disagree with those who claim that Nintendogs is nothing more than a glorified Tamagotchi. And we'd disagree with those who argue that it's not a "proper game" - it involves making choices, interacting with characters and achieving objectives on a games console, which means it's a game as far as we're concerned. All right, so it doesn't have a plot as such, but neither does Pong.

But nor is it, as others have claimed, a perfect game. It does have flaws and limitations, and these are such that some people will find Nintendogs just isn't for them - at least, not in the long term.

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DS price cut on the way

And so is Nintendogs bundle.

Nintendo has announced plans to celebrate the launch of Nintendogs by knocking a tenner off the price of the Nintendo DS.

Charity praises Nintendogs

The right message, it says.

In a month that's seen videogames making national news, particularly in the USA, for a variety of unpleasant reasons, Nintendo has been recognised by charitable organisation Dogs Trust for infusing DS title Nintendogs with the right kind of message for potential dog owners.


We go for a walk with Hideki Konno.

It's almost here - the game that's taken Japan by storm and been credited with everything from getting more girls into gaming to increasing sales of the Nintendo DS console five-fold. Now Nintendo's popular puppy sim has been given a European release date of October 7, and we caught up with the man holding the game's leash, Hideki Konno, to discuss how he reckons the game will be received over here, what the future holds for the franchise and who keeps Shigeru Miyamoto's feet warm at night.

Nintendogs dated in UK

Sounds like the US version.

Nintendo has announced plans to release [unleash, surely? - Ed] DS title Nintendogs in the UK on October 7th, and confirmed that our version will include three breeds not available in the Japanese version.

No free Nintendogs for us!

No plans to mirror US promotion.

Nintendo of Europe has revealed that it does not plan to follow its American arm's example by distributing free copies of DS title Nintendogs to select members of the community prior to its launch in Europe later this year.

Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends

And they call it puppy love.

Who wouldn't want to own a real live puppy? They're cute, they're cuddly, they're always pleased to see you, and in the event of a nuclear holocaust you could always use them for food before starting on the corpses of your family.

Nintendogs, the DS puppy sim that has taken Japan by storm, is all set for its American and European releases later this year - and a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed yesterday that European gamers can look forward to new breeds specific to the region, just as their American counterparts can do.