Nintendo 3DS Videos

Video | Schoolgirls fight in Senran Kagura 3DS

Almost definitely never coming to Europe.

Video | Nintendo ad trails 3DS price drop

Highlights games, plays down 3D.

Video | Nintendo 3DS e-Store firmware update

New shop capabilities detailed.

Video | Nintendo vid details 3DS e-Shop

Japanese trailer shows online store.

Video | 3DS Augmented Reality card supersized

How to make your Mii three stories high.

Video | 3DS vid shows new Zelda gameplay

Moving the handheld aims slingshot.

Video | Nintendo 3DS trailer ramps up the hype

Prepare to be amazed. These guys were.

Video | Eurogamer Readers vs. Nintendo 3DS

Part 2: Hands-on impressions from last weekend's showcase.

Video | The EGTV Show: 3DS hits Europe

All the action from Amsterdam.

Video | 3DS shows packed software line-up

Zelda! Street Fighter! Rabbids! Resi!

Video | Nintendo 3DS software showreel

Mario! Zelda! Pilotwings! Star Fox! Resi!

Video | Nintendo 3DS firmware and functions

Tag mode! Mii support! 3D picture cards!