Night Watch

Night Watch

Night Watch

Black arts in Red Square.

Right, that's it, no more game-playing for me. From now on I'm just going to read optimistic previews and get my pleasure from anticipation. If I'd done this with Night Watch then the following paragraphs would have been blissfully free of nasty, soul-rotting whinge-words; no 'ill-conceived', no 'woeful', no 'disappointing', no 'hopeless', no 'dire'. The sum-total of Global Negativity wouldn't have been increased by 0.00000000000026%; right now I'd be a fractionally less cynical, less suspicious gamer.

You see Night Watch looked so promising on paper. A modern-day Moscow-based tactical RPG with vampire coppers, lycanthrope gangsters, lots of spell-weaving and fisticuffs - you'd have to be carved out of Siberian salt not to be tempted by a prospect like that. The concept sounded great and the engine - borrowed from mesmerising WW2 firefight game Silent Storm - that was great for sure. All developer Nival had to do was not screw up. As long it didn't strip most of the colour out of the inherited combat system, make its missions dull and prescriptive, and clog the game with tiresome cut-scenes it was onto a winner.

Bolshy Ballet

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