Night in The Woods Features

Mario is a simple guy. He wears overalls and a spiffy cap. He's got a brother and a couple of close friends. He can run fast and jump high. In his various quests to save princess Peach, he makes use of all of these attributes and relationships, yet none of them tell us anything about who Mario really is.

Games, as a medium, allow us to experience things we don't get to in our everyday lives. Often these are empowering fantasies like saving the world and fighting monsters. Sometimes they're more abstract adventures like trotting through majestic, magical landscapes as in Journey. And occasionally these are dis-empowering satirical situations as we saw in games like Papers, Please or The Stanley Parable. While the medium excels at showing us a life we'll never lead, indie developers Alexander Holowka and Scott Benson's upcoming adventure, Night in the Woods, reflects a slice of life most of us have led: that of a wayward 20 year old.