New Super Mario Bros. News

Croydon fraudster jailed for selling fake Nintendo games

Defence justifies Ł600k scheme due to high street video game prices.

Japanese police make first R4 cartridge seller arrest

More than three years after the devices were outlawed.

Nintendo announces new side-scrolling 3DS Mario game

Out after March 2012 and before April 2013.

Miyamoto took NSMB DS criticism "hard"

Plus lots more from the latest Iwata Asks.

Why Dennis Hopper did the Mario movie

Wanted to buy ungrateful child shoes.

Brain Age, Super Mario delayed

But only in US, and not by much.

Super Mario producer speaks

On bringing the series home.

New Super Mario Bros. dated

In US. Plus: a new puzzle game.

New Super Mario Bros. details

All sorts of multiplay excitement.