New Super Mario Bros. Features

FeatureUK Charts: Top ten receives Preys

But GTA remains the UK's best-selling game

Take-Two secures its fourth week at the top with GTA: Liberty City Stories, the publisher's long awaited FPS Prey marking this week's highest new entry at number 2.

New Super Mario Bros.

Old is the new New.

It's been a huge delight to re-run through the old Super Mario classics on the Game Boy Color, the GBA and, more recently, on the DS. But at the same time, there's only so long you want to wallow in nostalgia before you get to play something new, and Nintendo has finally taken the hint with this brand new DS-only offering. New Super Mario Bros. takes everything we loved about this celebrated platforming series and buffs it up, with an impressive 2D reworking that sticks to the old gameplay principles while throwing in a few new moves and graphical tricks to prove that the days of side-scrolling platforms are far from numbered.