New Super Mario Bros.


VideoSXSW festival shows Mario film trailer

Spoof teases plumber's next movie outing.

VideoNintendo chronicle Mario's history

25 years, not one u-bend fixed.

VideoSuper Mario Bros 25th birthday vid

Nintendo's sleb-reel of tributes.

New Super Mario Bros.

Super smashing. Great?

Key events

Fans have created a full 80-level sequel to New Super Mario Bros DS

Enterprising fans have designed and released a full 80-level sequel to New Super Mario Bros DS, known as Newer Super Mario Bros DS.

The game offers 80 new stages spread over eight maps, and features a mix of original assets, and assets from Nintendo's 2006 New Super Mario Bros DS game. There are new and updated game mechanics, a returning power up, and a new (and faintly shrill) soundtrack featuring both original and Nintendo compositions. If nothing else, it's an impressive undertaking, and looks incredibly, authentically slick in the accompanying launch trailer.

Newer Super Mario Bros DS was made using the New Super Mario Bros Editor (AKA NSMBe), a popular community tool for PC that released long before Super Mario Maker, Nintendo's own, official level editor effort on Wii U. As such, a ROM of New Super Mario Bros DS and a compatible emulator for Windows, Mac, or Linux is required to play the game, immediately placing its use in legally difficult territory.

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Nintendo announces new side-scrolling 3DS Mario game

Nintendo announces new side-scrolling 3DS Mario game

Out after March 2012 and before April 2013.

Nintendo has announced a new side-scrolling Mario game for 3DS.

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata described it as a "totally new side-scrolling action Super Mario in 2D".

It's a "key title" for the Nintendo 3DS, and launches in the next fiscal year - at some point after March 2012 and before April 2013.

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Miyamoto took NSMB DS criticism "hard"

Plus lots more from the latest Iwata Asks.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto and his colleagues were dismayed when the original New Super Mario Bros. DS game was criticised for being too easy.

Why Dennis Hopper did the Mario movie

Wanted to buy ungrateful child shoes.

Acting legend Dennis Hopper has revealed why he really agreed to be in the Super Mario Bros. film. And no, it wasn't because he thought it was just such a great script.

FeatureUK Charts: Top ten receives Preys

But GTA remains the UK's best-selling game

Take-Two secures its fourth week at the top with GTA: Liberty City Stories, the publisher's long awaited FPS Prey marking this week's highest new entry at number 2.

New Super Mario Bros.

New Super Mario Bros.

Super smashing. Great?

It's a deceptive little thing, this game-card.

"Game-card". Feh. It's been hard for Nintendo. Tech lingo's shifted into a language they've often had difficulty speaking - certainly in the years since the curtain fell on Yoshi's Island, the last true Mario game of the type we're addressing. The good thing is they're catching up though. They've done their language tapes. The last few months have been virtually poetic - even if Reggie Fils-Aime sometimes gives the impression of speaking in tongues.

By that token, then, you might argue that New Super Mario Bros. is a bit of an anomaly. Scratch the surface and it looks and feels like an old Mario game. Go outside and poke it with a shovel and it's like a geological cross-section of nuance ripped from the swing-ropes, bounce-pads, wall-jumps and graphic procedures of a decade of furrowed pretenders. Old words in a new mouth.

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Brain Age, Super Mario delayed

But only in US, and not by much.

Bad news for our American friends and import fans - two highly anticipated Nintendo DS titles have been delayed over in the States.

Rather like the "New Surgery" I lived in a flat above 22 years ago, take a look at New Super Mario Bros. today and you'll be able to bask in the warm familiarity of its locations, characters and atmosphere, except everything will be fatter and more up to date.

Super Mario producer speaks

On bringing the series home.

Takashi Tezuka, the director of Super Mario World and producer of New Super Mario Bros., has hinted that the forthcoming DS title is set to be a return to form rather than a radical departure.

New Super Mario Bros. dated

In US. Plus: a new puzzle game.

After last week's news that New Super Mario Bros. would be out in Japan this May, we all expected we'd have to wait a bit for its release in the West. Not so, says Nintendo today - NSMB will be out in American shops from May 7th.

New Super Mario Bros. details

New Super Mario Bros. details

All sorts of multiplay excitement.

Forthcoming DS title New Super Mario Bros. will be the first side-scrolling Mario game to feature simultaneous multiplayer action, according to Famitsu magazine.

The game's producer, Tezuka Takushi, told Famitsu that it's all thanks to the DS's dual screens, which give players the freedom to move about independently. Although there will be a co-operative element to the multiplayer mode, the focus will mainly be on competitive play.

Versus mode is for just two players, but there are plans to include a load of mini-games for up to four opponents - including, possibly, the mini-games from the DS version of Super Mario 64.

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New Super Mario Bros.

Old is the new New.

It's been a huge delight to re-run through the old Super Mario classics on the Game Boy Color, the GBA and, more recently, on the DS. But at the same time, there's only so long you want to wallow in nostalgia before you get to play something new, and Nintendo has finally taken the hint with this brand new DS-only offering. New Super Mario Bros. takes everything we loved about this celebrated platforming series and buffs it up, with an impressive 2D reworking that sticks to the old gameplay principles while throwing in a few new moves and graphical tricks to prove that the days of side-scrolling platforms are far from numbered.