New Super Luigi U

Nintendo announces three new Wii U hardware bundles

Nintendo announces three new Wii U hardware bundles

UPDATE: Nintendo selling them for 250 each.

UPDATE: The Nintendo Store lists the Wii U Mario & Luigi Premium Pack for 249.99 (thanks, youhavenomail!).

There, the Wii Party U Basic Pack is also 249.99, as is the Just Dance 2014 Basic Pack.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nintendo has announced three new Wii U hardware bundles to launch in time for Christmas.

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New Super Luigi U review

"Phew! Made it!" Luigi's post-stage cry is a classic example of Nintendo's economical approach to characterisation. While his brother's celebratory "Oh yeah! Mario time!" is the sign of a man enjoying himself, happy to be bounding through these joyously bright, precision-designed worlds, those three words reveal a humble guy just happy to have made it to the goal pole in one piece. Luigi's no hero: he's just bound by duty, tasked with rescuing the Princess while big bro's away.

The trouble with Nintendo's first major experiment in downloadable content - it's dabbled before, but this 80-stage remix is easily its most substantial add-on - is that Mario's absence is too keenly felt. Here, Nintendo has taken the original's levels, trimmed them down significantly and made them much tougher: a fine idea in theory, but one which Luigi's presence often seems to undermine.

He's meant to feel different to his brother, a little more skittish and difficult to control. That's a problem, though, when you have stages seemingly made for precision speed-running. Sure, the trails of coins might be a perfect match for the parabola of Luigi's leap, but that extra bit of airtime seems counter-intuitive when you're being asked to race to the finish. The best 2D Mario levels have a consistent rhythm; here it feels like the metronome is skipping a beat every fourth bar.

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When I was an infant, my parents lived in a flat above a GPs' office called The New Surgery. Upon returning to my home town nearly 30 years later, I discovered it was still The New Surgery. We sometimes joke about Nintendo's use of the name "New" in connection with Mario Bros. games in the 21st century, but apparently its detachment from reality has nothing on Buckinghamshire PCT.