Neuroshima Hex

App of the Day: Neuroshima Hex

App of the Day: Neuroshima Hex

Sixsational strategy.

If anything needs a makeover, it's surely the humble turn-based hex game. Ever-present, tried and trusted but somehow a little too fusty and dusty to get truly excited about, hex strategy tends to be all substance and no style. Just saying the phrase makes you feel like a spod.

This problem goes hand-in-hand with the issue of introducing new players, and true to form Neuroshima Hex left me initially baffled. In fact this is almost an object lesson in building a terrific game the wrong way - or should I say, was. This app was released two years ago, but only now is it seriously worth considering.

The reason is that it's taken the developers that long to introduce online multiplayer, despite this being a multiplayer game (never mind a promised feature from the get-go). Without it Neuroshima Hex had a barely passable single-player campaign and local play functions, but was otherwise aimless. The difference online makes puts this dangerously close to a must-have.

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