Need for Speed: The Run


Need For Speed: The Run PC patch comes with free cars

No charge for Signature Edition Booster Pack.

GAME outs new Medal of Honor, Need for Speed 13

Shown by EA during confidential presentation.

NFS: The Run 49.99 on PSN Store this week

Sonic CD, Duke Nukem DLC also out today.

UK Top 40: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 denies Assassin's Creed

Saint's Row 4th, Zelda 7th, Need for Speed 11th.

Halo: Reach Anniversary Map Pack live

Saints Row Season Pass, NFS Time Saver pack.

Michael Bay directs Need For Speed: The Run ad

EA teams up with Transformers director.

Christina Hendricks in NFS: The Run

Plus some bloke from Vampire Diaries.

Video | Need for Speed The Run teaser

Fast car drives off cliff.

Video | NFS: The Run Most Wanted Pack vid

More pre-order bonus automobiles.

Video | NFS: The Run Underground Pack trailer

Taste of classic NFS for pre-order bonus.

Video | Need For Speed: The Run trailer

Revealing the Porsche 911 Carrera S.

Video | EA seeks NFS: The Run spokesmodel

Female petrolheads put through their paces.

Criterion hiring for open world racer

And work on "new platforms".

NFS: The Run limited edition detailed

Exclusive supercars, challenges promised.

Video | NFS: The Run Limited Edition trailer

Exclusive achievements, cars, challenges.

Video | Need For Speed: The Run footage

Fast-paced racing gameplay glimpsed.

Play Mass Effect 3 at Eurogamer Expo

And Need for Speed: The Run.

Video | Need For Speed: The Run in-game vid

Bullet-ridden racer peppers new footage.

PS3 snags exclusive EA content

Battlefield 3, SSX and NFS bonuses

Video | Extended NFS: The Run footage

Five minutes of car chases and parkour.

Need for Speed: The Run screenshots

Free-running! Fist fights! And driving too.

EA announces Need for Speed: The Run

Black Box racing for November launch.