Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Videos

Video | NFS: Hot Pursuit's new trio of DLC trailer

Lamborghini! Porsche! Armed & Dangerous!

Video | Get free cars for NFS: Hot Pursuit

Details on game's website, apparently.

Video | NFS:HP Super Sports Pack revealed

New vehicles, events, achievements.

Digital Foundry | NFS: Hot Pursuit PS3/360 Face-Off

Criterion's latest cross-platform masterpiece.

Digital Foundry | NFS: Hot Pursuit input latency tests

PC and Xbox 360 versions put to the test.

Video | NFS Hot Pursuit: Pagani vs Lambo

Out today, in case you'd forgotten.

Digital Foundry | NFS: Hot Pursuit PS3/360 performance analysis

Effectively identical cross-platform action.

Video | Ben Collins vs. Need for Speed's Autolog

More from NFS' social suggestion system.

Video | NFS: HP Race Shutdown mode

Exclusive law and disorder.

Video | NFS: HP Blacklisted footage

Bramwell goes on the run.

Video | NFS:HP stunts and tricks teaser

In-game and real-life hot pursuits.

Video | Final day of NFS:HP demo tomorrow

Two million downloads lapped up so far.

Video | New NFS: Hot Pursuit trailer

Welcome to Seacrest County.

Video | NFS: Hot Pursuit goes to Hollywood

Entourage duo shill EA racer.

Digital Foundry | NFS: Hot Pursuit PS3/360 demo performance

The racer level analysed on both HD consoles.

Video | Need For Speed: HP demo gameplay

A taste of Criterion's take on NFS.

Video | Criterion explains NFS autolog system

Hot Pursuit's "Facebook for the game."

Video | Exclusive NFS: Hot Pursuit footage

Criterion show off Arms Race mode.

Video | Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit limited edition

Order now to unlock extra content.

Video | Burnout dev releases more NfS footage

Criterion bring you sun, sand and supercars.

Video | NfS Hot Pursuit off-screen footage

Gameplay fresh from gamescom.

Video | Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Limited Edition trailer from gamescom.

Video | Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit E3 trailer

Criterion's series reboot revealed.