Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit News

Founders leave Burnout and NFS: Hot Pursuit studio Criterion

UPDATE: Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry to form new studio.

Criterion boss: "After over a decade of making racing games it's time to make something new"

"I am proud of all of the Burnout games. When it feels right we will make another one."

Criterion staffing up for Vita title

Handheld Need For Speed incoming?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 outed by retailer

Notorious South African shop at it again.

PS2 Classics Virtua Fighter 4, NFS on EU PlayStation Store

Starhawk beta! Splinter Cell savings! Final Fantasy costumes!

GAME outs new Medal of Honor, Need for Speed 13

Shown by EA during confidential presentation.

Xbox Live EA sale deals detailed

Dead Space 2! Mass Effect 2! Dragon Age 2! NFS!

Criterion hiring for open world racer

And work on "new platforms".

EU PlayStation Store update 27th July

Annihilation! NFS sale! LA Noire DLC!

NFS: Hot Pursuit PC patch 1.04 released

23% of "known" crash bugs remain.

NFS Hot Pursuit PC patch 1.03 released

Crash eradication! Free cars! Exhausting.

EU PlayStation Store update 2nd March

Black Ops demo, maps; PixelJunk Shooter 2.

NFS Hot Pursuit patch 1.02 suggests DLC

Porsche vs. Lamborghini on the way.

BAFTA GAME Award shortlist revealed

Vote for your top title of 2010.

DiRT 3 dev talks "grindy" Gran Turismo 5

"The game on the disc isn't the final game."

PC Need for Speed denied paid DLC

EA's Criterion "constrained by resources".

Kinect bundles outsell Move bundles 5-1

Plus: GT5, Donkey Kong sales figures.

Need for Speed's Super Sports pack

New cars, Trophies and Achievements.

NFS:HP PC patch set for early next week

Multi-core CPU users saved.

Pay for Hot Pursuit car unlocks

Need for Speed DLC cuts corners.

UK chart: COD blops Creed from top

Need for Speed in hot pursuit.

EA hails NFS: Hot Pursuit demo

Two million downloads in two weeks.

Black Box behind Nov 2011 Need for Speed

EA does a COD with alternating dev strategy.

Four demos on PSN Store today

NFS! Ken's Rage! Majin! Time Crisis!

NFS: Hot Pursuit demo tomorrow

And on Wednesday for PS3.

No story in NFS: Hot Pursuit

Criterion keeps things simple.

Hot Pursuit will dwarf Burnout Paradise

Criterion reckons it's 400 per cent larger.

EA big hitters at Eurogamer Expo

MOH! FIFA 11! Crysis 2! NFS! Dead Space 2!

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is back

Out November, Criterion developing.