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N++ doubles its size on Steam in free Ultimate Edition update

Minimalist platformer N++ just got a massive free update on Steam that doubles the amount of content in the game.

This patch is so big that developer Metanet Software decided to rename the whole game as N++ Ultimate Edition.

This free expansion doubles the game's scope, bringing the final product to a whopping 4340 levels. These aren't procedurally-generated either, but rather each one is methodically crafted by Metanet.

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N++ jumps to PC next week

Minimalist platformer returns to the series' roots.

Minimalist platformer N++ is coming to PC via Steam on 25th August, developer Metanet Software has announced.

PS4-exclusive minimalist platformer N++ debuts gameplay footage

PS4-exclusive minimalist platformer N++ debuts gameplay footage

Also explains how competitive multiplayer will work.

N++ developer Metanet has revealed the first footage of its PS4-exclusive platforming sequel in action.

For the uninitiated, the original N was a free, browser-based minimalist platformer, while its commercial sequel, N+, was released in 2008 on XBLA, DS and PSP. All N games stick you in a series of single-screen stages where the goal is simply to open the exit and make your escape before the time limit expires. Along the way you can gather gold to extend your timer.

It sounds simple, but the series' fluid movement system makes controlling one's ninja avatar an easy to grasp, but hard to master proposition. "N++ has a unique feel which distinguishes it from other platformers," Metanet explained on the EU PlayStation Blog. "The ninja moves with an exaggerated sense of inertia and momentum."

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N+ developer unveils Office Yeti

N+ developer unveils Office Yeti

Robotology "nowhere near complete".

Indie N+ developer Metanet has revealed a new single-player action-puzzle-simulation game called Office Yeti.

Heavily inspired by Skool Daze (ZX Spectrum, 1985), Office Yeti simply puts one in control of a yeti working at an office. It's an idea Metanet had long before Robotology and even N.

"Our first goal is to get a simple little artificial-life office simulation working; from there we’ll drop in a big ol' yeti and see what happens. We’re expecting hilarious mayhem," wrote Metanet on its blog.

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Metanet finally shows Robotology

Plus: N+ cheap on XBLA next week.

N+ developer Metanet has shown the first video of its next physics-ruled project, Robotology. The studio also revealed N+ to be next week's half-price Xbox Live Arcade game.

Free N+ level pack tomorrow

Another couple of hundred levels.

Developer Metanet will release a third level pack for N+ to Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow. And this one will be free.

Lots more levels coming to N+

Just as soon as MS can verify them.

Metanet is promising lots more levels for ninja platformer N+ just as soon as Microsoft can verify them for Live Marketplace. The levels were submitted towards the end of June.

Capcom questions N+ dev's logic

Responds to XBLA outburst.

Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 director Adam Boyes thinks N+ developer Metanet was wrong to call the vast majority of games on XBLA rubbish.

MS talks up future XBLA titles

Seven for "the coming weeks".

Microsoft has confirmed that Mutant Storm Empire will be released on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, priced 800 Microsoft points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.30), and has also highlighted some of the other XBLA titles due out in "the coming weeks".

N+ dev disses Eurogamer!

Don't shuriken the messenger.

N developer Metanet reports that handsomely awful scumbag website Eurogamer got it wrong when they said N+ was a US-only release.