Murasaki Baby Features

FeatureThe smart clumsiness of Murasaki Baby

One of the Vita's genuinely unique offerings is also its most strange.

The Vita's not short of unique experiences you can still find elsewhere; the highlights of its back catalogue, games like Spelunky and OlliOlli, can be found on PC and console, even if they feel more at home on Sony's handheld. Games designed around the many quirks of the Vita, though, are in much shorter supply, and Massimo Guarini's forthcoming Murasaki Baby joins a very select group that have actually figured out a use for the handheld's rear touchpad.

FeatureThe human touch: the brilliance of Murasaki Baby

The Vita's latest addition marks a change of direction for Shadow of the Damned's creator.

It is, many people will tell you, one of the finest pieces of design in videogames. Ico's power, its emotional impact, comes through a world of minimalist fantasy and a relationship delicately painted, but it all truly comes together in one feature: the gentle tug between Ico and Yorda, and the simple thud of the Dual Shock as you pull her along.