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28th September 2007

Euro PS3 Store updates

4th September 2007

MotorStorm DLC dates confirmed

27th April 2007

MotorStorm update in May

27th March 2007


5th January 2007


FeatureHistory of MotorStorm

We look at its evolution since launch, and chat to Evolution about it.

The phrase "downloadable content" can send shivers of fear and anger down the spines of many gamers, as visions of cash-gouging publishers dance before their eyes wearing horse armour. One game that seems to have found a pleasing balance between worthwhile additional content and wallet pangs is MotorStorm, still receiving new material and gameplay updates over a year after its release. This, then, is a critical recap of what's been added, what's been tweaked and what the MotorStorm fanbase has made of it all.

PSN: Sky Diving PS3, WipEout PSP tracks

Plus MotorStorm/Folklore DLC.

Sky Diving is the GBP 3.49 downloadable game star of this week's PlayStation Store update on PS3, while PSP owners can download the WipEout Pulse Mirage Pack if they fork out GBP 3.49 on the PSP Store for PC.

PSone duo on PS3/PSP Stores

Plus MotorStorm Double Track Pack.

The PSone duo of N2O and Hardcore 4X4 are the highlights on the PlayStation 3 Store in Europe this week along with the new MotorStorm "Double Track Pack". All three of those things handily cost GBP 3.49, so I don't have to remember too many numbers.

Toy Home on PAL PSN

And Populous PSone.

Spare a thought for poor old Sony, still slaving away over the hobs of Internet-based file distribution, brow moist with the grimy sweat of a hundred peeled videogame trailers, arms caked with the grease of the fires of user verification wrappers, breath shallow with the [get on with it - Ed] - and all so we can play Toy Home (GBP 4.99) and the PSone's Populous: The Beginning (GBP 3.49).

Yet more MotorStorm downloads

Mirror tracks, new songs, more.

Evolution Studios has pumped yet more free downloadable content into MotorStorm in the form of mirrored racetracks, a couple of new songs and some other tweaks.

Resistance maps, more on PSN

Destruction Derby PSone too.

Follow us into the magical land of the PlayStation Store and you should see a whole bag full of new treats, including new maps for Resistance, new cars for MotorStorm, new content for Sonic and even a couple of PSone games to play on your PS3 or PSP.

Nov/Dec PS3 Store highlights

Games, glorious games*.

Following the arrival of a bunch of new stuff on PlayStation Network, Sony has announced plenty more is set to follow before the end of the year.

MotorStorm gets rumble support

Plus other 3.0 tweaks.

MotorStorm has been patched to version 3.0, introducing support for the upcoming DualShock 3's rumble (hurrah) and tweaking a number of other variables.

Euro PS3 Store updates

Euro PS3 Store updates

Demos, trailers, content.

In case you hadn't noticed, the European PlayStation Store was updated with a handful of bits and bobs yesterday.

Among its biggest treats were new demos for the excellent SEGA Rally and not-so-good Folklore, as well as fresh content for MotorStorm, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Spider-Man 3.

MotorStorm fans will now be able to race a new truck and mud plugger around some dirty land in the Capitano & Varjack vehicle pack for GBP 1.49 (EUR 2.12); Ninja Gaiden Sigma owners will be able to master a series of challenges based around alacrity in the Speed Master pack for GBP 2.99 (EUR 4.27); and Spider-Man 3 fans will be treated to a new Goblin character in the functionally named Goblin pack for GBP 3.99 (EUR 5.69).

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No Stranglehold demo for EU

MotorStorm DLC instead.

European PS3 owners will have to settle for the new MotorStorm downloadable content on PSN this week as Midway still hasn't confirmed when the Stranglehold demo will be released here.

MotorStorm DLC dates confirmed

MotorStorm DLC dates confirmed

More PSN offerings incoming.

Sony has confirmed a handful of upcoming PlayStation Network dates, including those for new MotorStorm cars and courses.

According to its latest list, the new Coyote Revenge track will be available to download this Thursday, followed by two vehicle sets: one on 13th September, the other on 27th September.

Coyote Revenge is the reversed version of the Coyote track, with a couple of added twists and turns. It's also got some new bits and pieces to see as you churn up mud along the way, like hot air balloons and caravans.

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MotorStorm update released

MotorStorm update released

Only US version delayed.

Update: Sony has just confirmed to Eurogamer that the UK update is now live. Instructions are to go online first to download the patch, then go into Store and download Time Attack. If you do it the other way around it won't work - you'll have to delete the game's data utility if you've already made this mistake.

Over in the US, meanwhile, MotorStorm's 1.2 update - set to introduce Time Attack mode - has been delayed due to a last-minute big-discovery that's thrown the patch back into testing.

That's according to Felice Standifer, US producer on the game, who used Sony's increasingly helpful US blog to explain the situation.

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MotorStorm update in June

MotorStorm update in June

Time attack added.

A free content update for muddy PS3 marauder MotorStorm will be available to download on 7th June.

It'll add a new Time Attack mode that will let you set your best time on each course using any vehicle you choose. You'll then get a chance to try and beat your fastest time, which will appear as a "ghost" car on the course.

If you go dangerously fast and happen to make it round in one piece, your impressive "ghost" will be uploaded automatically to the PlayStation Network. Here other dirty dabblers will be able to download their record race and battle to beat it. There's even the opportunity to face-off against up-to seven other "ghosts" at one time - taking on the expert times of Evolution Studios if you get a little over confident.

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MotorStorm update in May

MotorStorm update in May

Pit-stop ahoy.

Dirty racer MotorStorm will be pulling into the pits in May for a catalogue of minor fixes.

The most significant change is to the player ranking system, where some people were apparently exploiting a bug and being falsely listed. The cheats. And because of this Sony and Evolution are having to reset the entire leadberboard after the fix to ensure it's fair and accurate.

Online stability is also being looked at, and Game Status is being added list in the lobby so that you join games and race more promptly. There's also going to be an auto-start feature added, fixing a start time for races to cut-down on waiting around in lobbies.

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MotorStorm completes hat-trick

Euro number one completes set.

Having already slopped mud around at the top of the US and Japanese software sales charts, PlayStation 3 exclusive MotorStorm has also secured the top spot in Europe, is reporting. Those rogues.



We go online with the PAL version.

So! Sony's discovered the Internet! This is obviously good news (unless they're spending a lot of time on UK Resistance, obviously). PlayStation 3 ships in Europe with a big fat online service, and while some of our friends from "the Continent" haven't got their own shop yet, I understand immigration is pretty easy these days, so really there's no excuse for moaning. Particularly when MotorStorm is one of the games that offers hot 12-player Internet action from day one. It's bloody good.

What it isn't is particularly bloody well thought out. I was given to understand people had made online computer games before, so the discovery that you have to go into a lobby and click on your own name or scroll down a list of all the players on the server in order to view your online statistics struck me as a bit daft. Reeling from that I was struck by a number of other "bit dafts", including the inability to re-order the server-list by connection speed, the need to click on a lobby first to see whether a race is in progress or if it's waiting for players, and a ranking system that's so open to abuse that I'm annoyed I've already done one immigration joke.

Each player is given a "Fame" label (Leroy, Bruno - wait, sorry - God, Hero, Legend, etc.). You'd think becoming "God" was quite hard. You wouldn't be able to do it with a win percentage of 23, for example. Well, you can. What's more, if you set up a friends-only game with a pal and play for ages, you can easily boost your stats immensely. What's silly is that coming second or third in a field of 12 MotorStorm racers is actually a bit of a feat when you're starting out, particularly if you haven't spent a lot of time with the single-player career mode. Having it reduced to a "loss" statistic is a bit mean. Still, can't fault them too much for the stats, as they've gone one better than most developers and included a "drop-out" number.

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Friends list for MotorStorm

Chums update available now.

Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer that dirty racer MotorStorm has been given a new in-game friends list to help you keep track of your muddy buddies.

MotorStorm online chatter

Voice comms, player numbers, downloadables mooted.

Online is likely to be the only key change to MotorStorm prior to its European and American launches this year, although developer Evolution has said it may introduce new features via download.



Quick! Get inside!

We've been told all sorts of things about MotorStorm. To begin with it was simple: cars, bikes, buggies and trucks will drive around big tracks set in Monument Valley.

Then there was all that stuff about persistent terrain detail: tyres cutting through mud would leave appreciable dents and grooves that buffeted your suspension on subsequent laps, while hoardings would splinter and smash under the weight of an unseated motorcyclist hurtling against them, and leave troubling debris.

There was talk of AI opposition reacting badly to engagement, nudging you into a ravine when the opportunity next arose. And of course there was that trailer at E3 two years ago, which aimed to convince us all that as well as about 48 million transistors, Industrial Light & Magic lurked within the RSX graphics chip, the run-over from their birthing of the next generation of videogame visuals splashing the walls of desire with automotive ejaculate.

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MotorStorm dev looking to PS4

And talking about MotorStorm's origins.

MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios is putting plans in place for PlayStation 4 development, according to chief executive Martin Kenwright.

MotorStorm slips slightly

Off track by a week.

Bad news for PlayStation 3 importers: MotorStorm's Japanese release date has been pushed back a week until 14th December.

MotorStorm, Lair, HS in 2007

I.e. "Heavenly Sword". US dates.

A pamphlet included in the US retail PlayStation 3 hardware bundle has shed some light on the release dates for a few of the next-gen system's upcoming exclusives.

FeatureMotor Storm

E3: Evolutionary.

After that tech demo video at Sony's now legendary E3 press conference of 2005, it was hardly surprising that people harboured serious reservations over whether Motor Storm (and more specifically the PS3) could live up to Sony's lofty claims. Lest we forget, the pre-rendered video footage ("shot to spec") showed a literally unbelievable degree of detail that had attendees shaking their heads over whether a ) it was gameplay footage, and b) could the PS3 really be this powerful a system.

New PS3 screens

Motorstorm, F1, Singstar PS3.

While the crowds are still queuing up to get out of the sunshine and into the hugely crowded, probably already sweaty conference halls, Sony has treated everyone back home to a bunch of new screens for some of the PS3 launch titles.