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How WipEout HD and MotorStorm gained an extra dimension.

Last week Sony revealed that it is due to launch its new range of 3DTVs with a small range of stereoscopic-enabled PlayStation 3 titles. PAIN, Super Stardust HD and WipEout HD get the full treatment, while a single-level demo of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift is also in the offing. All will be downloadable from the PlayStation Store.

Given Evolution's strong and oft-overlooked history developing rally games, it was no surprise when MotorStorm skidded into view on a slick foundation of variable surfaces; specifically, surfaces that remembered your path through them, bearing the scars to those who followed. But it was a surprise that it wracked up so much debt to the likes of SSX.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift

Jungle fever.

The lengths some people will go to for a laugh. Paul Hollywood, garrulous creative director of MotorStorm Pacific Rift - you might remember him from Tom's preview - knows all about it. He put Evolution, developer of the Sony-published PS3 racing sequel, through months of painstaking work and agonising waiting just so he could relive memories of a misspent youth.

MotorStorm Pacific Rift

Playing along with Evolution's creative director Paul Hollywood.

MotorStorm! It's the bad boy of off-road racing games, and now with monster trucks! And a creative director called Paul Hollywood! Who slags off competitors during David Reeves's PlayStation Day speech! "This is not Redneck Racing, Baja or rally," he told the audience, which sounds like fighting talk to us, and we should know - we start fights all the time. "It wasn't putting them down," Hollywood tells Eurogamer afterwards, as we shove people off a cliff Coyote Revenge-style to get in front of him. "We exist in a genre all of our own... I have a lot of time for those other racing games - obviously I've played them and I've learned from them - but I just want to say we like to think of ourselves as unique."