MotoGP 4

MotoGP to debut on PSP

Don't forget your helmet.

Namco's virtual alternative to the high speed thrills of professional motor racing is heading to the PSP, with Sony confirming the release of a new MotoGP game specifically designed for the handheld.

MotoGP 4

MotoGP 4

More road re-hash than road rash.

Given that the stock of racing games has never been higher than it is right now, you'd think there would be more of a fuss surrounding the release of the PS2's premier motorcycle racing game. But with every passing year, Namco churns out another MotoGP and very few racing game fans care. Even a little bit. And you know why? Because, for reasons we'll hopefully explore in a few paragraph's time, they're simply not all that exciting to play.

(Unlike Climax and THQ's Xbox/PC series, helpfully also called MotoGP, which usually reviews very well. Just to clear that one up early on.)

As with all the entirely unnecessary annual updates that pepper the gaming scene, MotoGP 4 instantly becomes another one of those games where you're forced to get the electron microscope out and play spot the difference. This year's update, though, promises quite an impressive list of additions that ought to make it interesting to the growing band of real-life MotoGP followers at the very least - but will the rest of us care?

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