Mortal Kombat X Features

FeatureMortal Kombat X's new Living Towers take single-player online

Towers updated hourly, daily and weekly by NetherRealm.

Fighting games are, by their nature, competitive. They're built for player versus player combat. This, for millions of fighting game enthusiasts, is central to their appeal. Mastering combos, learning strategies and putting them into practice online is for many - me included - what the genre is all about.

FeatureThe many styles of Mortal Kombat X

How do the new mechanics in NetherRealm's brutal fighter mix together?

When I think back to my time at this year's EGX London, the thing that stands out the most was the abundance of blood. Maybe it has something to do with the games I chose to play, but whether it was the unmistakable crimson of the succinctly titled Bloodborne, the claret carnage of The Evil Within or the outlandish neon of Sunset Overdrive, there was enough heart juice on show to open a blood bank. Still, if you think about it more in terms of quality over quantity, there was one game that took the crimson crown by a landslide, and that was none other than Mortal Kombat X.