Monster Hunter World Guides

Monster Hunter World Layered Armour list, how to get Thermae, Yukumo, Silver Knight and other Iceborne Layered Armour

How Layered Armour works and how to get your hands on different sets from events, festivals and more.

Monster Hunter World - Pearlspring Macaque locations for completing the Pearl Snatchers event

How to get the time-limited head armour during Iceborne'e launch.

Monster Hunter World Boaboa quests: Where to find Boaboa locations and complete By Our Powers Combined

How to complete all Cultural Exchange quests in the Hoarfrost Reach.

Monster Hunter World Surveyor Set solutions: How to complete Surveyor Set research quests

Our explainer to finding each Surveyor Set location as part of the Iceborne questline.

Monster Hunter World weapon types list, including all Iceborne weapon changes and how to decide on the best weapon type for you

A breakdown of all weapon types to help you decide which to choose in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World tips to help you excel in the hunt

Here's when to farm, what to forage and things you should do between hunts.

Monster Hunter World Behemoth strategy, Behemoth weakness explained

How to take down Final Fantasy's Behemoth in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World item crafting: How item combinations work and the best items to craft for a hunt

Monster Hunter World's crafting system explained, and the best items to assemble and take with you.

Monster Hunter World Palico upgrades - Palico Gadgets, Palico armour, and how to get a second Palico Tailraider

How to get the most out of your trusty Palico companion in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World mounting: How to mount a monster and increase your chances of mounting

The various methods and mechanics behind mounting in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Wiggler locations, and how to complete the Wiggle Me This event and get the Wiggler Head

Where to find Wigglers in Monster Hunter World, useful for completing the Wiggle Me This event.

Monster Hunter World - How to capture monsters large and small

Whether it's huge predators on hunts or small creatures in the wild, here's how to capture in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World Plunderblade quest - How to unlock the Plunderblade from the Rotten Vale with Raw Meat

How to get the material-increasing Plunderblade in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter World walkthrough and guide: Story quests, Investigations and Expeditions explained

Our walkthrough of story quests and a guide to how Monster Hunter World's structure works.

Monster Hunter World Gajalaka quests - How to find all Gajalaka markings and complete Gajalaka Linguistics 2

How to complete the Gajalaka quest and stealth past every Gajalaka in the second Linguistics quest.

Monster Hunter World's Insect Glaive: Best Insect Glaive build explained and how Kinsects work

Everything you need to know about the Insect Glaive and Kinsects, from the very basics to our recommendation for the best build.

Monster Hunter World Grimalkynes - Doodles explained, how to catch 3 Protectors, find Troopers and Bugtrappers

How to get your head around Grimalkynes and Doodles in Monster Hunter World for useful upgrades.

Monster Hunter World's first seasonal event has arrived

How to get fireworks, tickets and an adorable butterfly outfit for your Palico.

Monster Hunter World Horizon Zero Dawn event - how to complete The Proving and unlock the Aloy armour set

What you need to know about the second part of Horizon Zero Dawn's event in Monster Hunter World.