Monster Hunter Tri News

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate won't support online play on 3DS

Save data won't transfer from Wii to Wii U, 3DS.

Monster Hunter helps Japanese tourism

Rural resort ships in gamers.

What is Capcom's fastest-selling game?

Clue: it's not Street Fighter.

Monster Hunter Tri servers go down

Capcom is working on a fix.

Lost Planet 2 "substantially underperformed" - Capcom

Monster Hunter Tri sales "sluggish".

Capcom fixing Monster Hunter ISP issues

Nintendo of Europe involved too.

UK charts: Ubisoft first with Conviction

Monster Hunter Tri makes decent start.

Volcano ruins MH Tri London launch

Japanese devs can't get here.

Nintendo disti unaffected by volcano

MH Tri, WarioWare DIY on track.

London launch for Monster Hunter Tri

Meet its makers at GAME on Oxford St.

Kojima reveals Monster Hunter crossover

PSP game to star Felyne as well as Snake.

Play Monster Hunter Tri early

At one of three UK ticketed events.

Monster Hunter Tri deals revealed

Pre-order your copy, get a free head.

Monster Hunter isn't hardcore - creators

At least not as far as Japan's concerned.

Mario Galaxy 2 gets European date

Plus: Monster Hunter, S&P2, Metroid.

US dates for Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid

Plus: Monster Hunter Tri date, DQ IX for US.

MH Tri Portable is "a rumour" - Capcom

"Not even remotely close" to announcement.

Monster Hunter Tri bundles Wii Speak

Plus: split-screen confirmed.

Lost Planet 2, SSFIV get release dates

Plus: Monster Hunter Tri due in April.

Capcom delays LP2, SSFIV, MH3

Avoids Q1 2010 like the autumn.

PSP to get Monster Hunter spin-off

Starring the famous cats, says Capcom.

No charge to play Monster Hunter Tri

If you live in the West, at any rate.

Japan chart: Monster Hunter Tri displaced

Wii exclusive not gripping the nation.

Monster Hunter Tri tops Japanese chart

Wii sales rocket following game's release.

Monster Hunter Tri gets Euro release

For Europe and US in early 2010.

Monster Hunter Tri for August in Japan

Europe awaits word on the Wii game.

Japan likes Monster Hunter 2G a lot

One million shipped in six days.

Monster Hunter 3 for Wii

Unveiled by Iwata.