Monster Hunter Tri G News

Japanese games market shrunk 8% in 2011 despite 3DS launch

Mario Land, Mario Kart best-selling games.

Skyrim debuts at four on Japan chart

3DS games hold the top three spots.

Monster Hunter Tri G sells 471k in two days

3DS has best week ever in Japan.

No online play in Monster Hunter Tri G

Local multiplayer only for 3DS battler.

Ice White 3DS announced for Japan

Plus, custom Monster Hunter bundle.

Why no Monster Hunter 4 on Vita?

"You'll have to ask Capcom," says Sony.

Nintendo stock drops post-3DS event

Monster Hunter 4 not enough for investors.

3DS circle pad price, date, games

Resi! MGS! Ace Combat! Kingdom Hearts!

First Monster Hunter 3DS details

New control scheme revealed.

Nintendo 3DS second circle pad revealed

For use with Monster Hunter Tri G.

Monster Hunter Tri G rumoured for 3DS

Plus new Baten Kaitos, Mach Rider.